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Everything started with belief of three siblings with themselves. They walked with the passion of transferring production heritage which they got from their deep rooted history to future generations. Foundations of production of İkizler Kalıp which is one leaders in Steel sheet metal mould production in our country and which experiences the rightful pride of exporting more than 20 countries dates on 1975. İkizler Kalıp which has expedited R&D works since 2005 has become one of most important partners in Greenhouse companies in Turkey and abroad by its investments made in Greenhouse sector. It has increased fund of knowledge day by day by designing special moulds for its customers except producing greenhouse ventilation and connection elements. İkizler Sera follows technologic developments closely in greenhouse area by its high technology CNC machines and eccentric hydraulic presses which are based on sensitive production. Thereby development in farmers are aimed together with technology. Desired service is provided with best manner for customers by cutting, bending, plastering, progressive mould construction methods which were designed by CAD-CAM supported Solidworks software in R&D and project works for meeting request and expectations of our customers. İkizler Sera aims to supply competitive and innovative products for greenhouses in Turkey and abroad by its aesthetic, ergonomic, qualified and suitable price mission and vision according to modern production methods.

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