Our Competencies


Design works in İKİZLER KALIP are performed by methods which keep creativity and efficiency at top level, by computer aided design (CAD-CAM) methods such as Solidworks, Esprit at all stages beginning from product concept stage until it becomes final product.

Moulding Room

Coordination between CAD-CAM methods and modern CNC machines was maintained in mould manufacturing unit for producing designed part at same quality and transferring design to mould as exactly as it is in İKİZLER KALIP. All mould requirements which are used in manufacturing are prepared in mould manufacturing division within İKİZLER KALIP


İKİZLER KALIP follows all processes over system by specials software in addition to advanced planning system and MRP follow up. IKIZLER KALIP which works with efficiency, quality and sustainability principle lights the way for sector by its team which expands day by day and infrastructure which is renewed continuously. It uses s CRM based special software for export management, for before sales and after sales

Packaging and Greenhouse Installation

Safe and meticulous packaging operation is provided in İKİZLER KALIP packaging section. It passes through full control by ERP and MRP systems in assembly system, 100% control against production failures which may occur visually or functionally after production, final control and test after assembly and flexible delivery system stages.

Pressing Room

All products which were delivered from steel sheet raw material storage and passed through quality approval are processed in our pressing room in steel sheet forming process. Test trials are performed over designed mould firstly in molding room and then in pressing room. Casette and rod, which is used for greenhouse opening, greenhouse suspension ball, greenhouse connection equipment and greenhouse materials for special designs are produced by expert personnel and new technologic machine park in pressing room.

Quality Assurance

Real driving force behind sustainable growth is the resource allocated for R&D. Reality at the center of existence in market is quality and we know this very well. Think professional, see our difference!